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Our Roots

Many of you have known us as JustKath, or Team Kath in recent years. We recently rebranded as The Sohūs Real Estate Group. Sohūs represents our classic service and innovative style. From guiding you through all the intricacies of your real estate journey to incorporating technology trends for maximum results, we offer experience, vision and attention to detail. Regarding the name itself, we  incorporated the Norwegian word for house (hus) to reflect fundamental characteristics of our heritage, including hard work, straightforward guidance, a desire to help others and our commitment to work together to reach a common goal.

How Sohūs serves you:

  • We’ll be your guide, every step of the way

  • Available anytime for insights on market data, present home value and long-term potential

  • Leveraging our negotiating experience for your results

  • Concierge service for home improvement resources, ROI advice, and home trends

  • Coordinating an exceptional suite of real estate services, all working together

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Our Sales

Over 1,500 homes sold in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Over $350,000,000 in homes sold to date.

Your Sohūs Team


Dan Nelson

Principal Realtor


Kath Hammerseng

Principal Realtor

Sohūs Support

Becky Real

Transaction Coordinator


Charlie Williams

Associate Realtor


Olivier Chabin

Associate Realtor


Logan Conley

Associate Realtor

Contact Us

612-716-5234 (Dan) | 612-718-1586 (Kath)

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